2017 : First edition : programme

Thursday, December 7th

A CEO’s Foreword: Being agile and able to change one’s own vision when we speak Cyber
Xavier van NUVEL,CEO, Digital Solutions and OpenOnline

Keynote: Army goes 4.0: challenges and threats
Col. Marc-André RYTER, Swiss Army, General Staff Collaborator for Military Doctrine

Short note:  A real example: orders to Mandate Actions with Gloved Enhancements
Julien PROVENZANO, PréKaRé (France)

Keynote: A Cyber Revolution in Military Affairs
Prof. Alexandre VAUTRAVERS, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

Short note: Competitive intelligence and Cyber Security, the two faces of a same medal
Marc GERMAN, Cybercrime and Business diplomacy specialist (France)

Keynote: 2017: A Year of Change in the Threat Environment
Martin LEE, CISCO/Talos, Head Of Cyber Security EMEA (U.K.)

Short note: Managing Security in Industrial Control Systems
Prof. Roland-Iosif MORARU, Technical University of Petrosani (Romania)

Short note: New field, news threats for security: machine learning.
Christophe RÉVILLE, Business Intelligence expert and Founder, IE2S (France)

Short note: Companies’ Vulnerabilities seen through a Risk Manager Analysis
Christophe MADEC, Cybersecurity expert, Bessé Industry and Services (France)

Short note: The Enterprise Immune System: Machine Learning for Next-Gen Cyber Defense
Bénédict MATTHEY, Cyber Security Executive, Darktrace (U.K.)

Keynote: Dangerous liaisons: Cars and IoT. Still possible to secure?
Yannick HARREL, Cybersecurity expert (France)

Short note: The Use of Artificial Intelligence to help Cyber Security
Battista CAGNONI, Cyber Security Expert, Vectra (Switzerland)

Keynote: From Convergence to Corporate Security 4.0.
Luca TENZI, Convergence specialist (Switzerland)

Short note: Cyberpower, a view into future powers
Arthur LAZAR, Deputy Head, Cyberint (Romanian Intelligence Services)

(Remote) Keynote: The Importance of PPP. Making it work in today’s threat environment.
Joseph BILLY, Jr. & Lt. Jeremy P. RUSS, New Jersey Regional Operations and Intelligence    Center (ROIC)

Keynote: Shared Threat intelligence platform in UN context
Chems ZAIR, CISO, International Telecommunication Union (UN/Geneva)

Keynote: Weathering the storm of cybersecurity
Dr. Stephen FOREMAN, Chief of Data Representation, Metadata and Monitoring, WMO     (UN/Geneva)

Short note: When compliance obsession undermines a company’s vision on 360° security
Prof. Laurent CHRZANOVSKI, Congress Manager (Switzerland)


Friday, December 8th

Welcome speech
Pierre-Arnauld FUEG, Lord Mayor of Porrentruy, Host

Rosheen Awotar-Mauree, Cybersecurity / ITU-D, International Telecommunication Union

Every CEO may have to face a catastrophic crisis: how to be prepared.
Special Guest: Christos TSOLKAS, Vice-President, Philip Morris International

2018 APT landscape
Special Guest:Costin RAIU, Head, Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab

Safety and security… an ongoing debate
Special Guest:General (5S) (Ret.) Marc WATIN-AUGOUARD, Forum international de la cyber-securité

Keynote: Challenges in defending a country’s strategic systems (title tbc)
Col. Anton ROG, Head of the CYBERINT Center (Romanian Intelligence Services)

Keynote: Mobile platforms the key for digital transformation and the security pain
Nicola SOTIRA, Head of Information Security, Poste Italiane; Head of the Global Cyber Security Center

Keynote: A continuous cybersecurity framework aiming to build a cybersecurity roadmap for the aviation industry
Pascal BUCHNER, Director ITS & CIO, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Keynote: Climate change as a major security risk
Abadallah MOKSSIT, IPCC Secretary-General (UN/Geneva)

Keynote: Confidentially, digital sovereignty and vision from the European Union’s  future
Mika LAUHDE, Cybersecurity Expert and CEO, 65°Security (Finland)

Keynote: Exploring the methods of organized groups’ communication: limits and challenges in its identification at early stages
Margherita NATALI, Legal Support to the Divison of Information Technologies, Infrastructure Service Section, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

Keynote: Full Stack Security
Marco ESSOMBA, Founder, iCyber-Security Group (U.K.)

Keynote: The main differences between cyberdefense and digital transformation
Olivier KEMPF, Expert in Security, IRIS (France)

Keynote: Fighting Cyber Threats to Switzerland
Mauro VIGNATI, Head of Cyber, Federal Intelligence Service (Switzerland)

Keynote: Computer security seen by a soldier
Col. Xavier GUIMARD, Deputy Head of Anticipation and Coordination, STSISI (France)

Keynote: Army and industry 4.0: similar challenges, same threats?
Col. Marc-André RYTER, Swiss Army, General Staff Collaborator for Military Doctrine

2018 : Second edition : programme

Thursday, November 29th

Gabriel Voirol, Mayor of Porrentruy

Ewandro Magalhaes, Vice-President, Kudo Inc.
How to use your smartphone for live interpretation during this congress.

Preetam Maloor, Senior Strategy and Policy Advisor, ITU SG  Strategic Planning and Membership dpt.

Luca Fioravanti, Global Head of Security Operations Vodafone Group
What are the challenges that organisations face to prevent, detect and respond to insider threats? Exploring a holistic approach to mitigate the risks coming from inside.

Ariel Jungheit, Security Researcher, GREaT, Kaspersky Lab
Cyber Espionage – An Anthology

Pascal Buchner, CIO, IATA
Security is about brand protection

Frédéric Gaudun, Planificateur TIC, RCJU
Sécurité fournie par l’Etat : qu’en est-il de la confiance en cas de problème ?

Paolo Lezzi, Executive VP of the European Center for Advanced Cyber Security
From Passive Defense to Permanent Alert to Active Response.

Mária Bicsi, Co-founder of the Swiss CyberSecrity Association
Finding a good balance between security and effectiveness.

Laurent Chrzanovski, Congress manager
Suicide behaviors and misuses in tomorrow’s unprepared 5G world… from governments to companies.

Nicola Sotira, Head of the Information Security, Gruppo Poste Italiane
Mobile platforms the key for digital transformation and the security pain.

Virgilius Stanciulescu, IT Director, ANCOM (Romania)
The SOC of tomorrow must be designed today : a concrete example encomprising 5G, AI and IoT threats.

Friday, November 30th


Jean-Jacques Wagner, Member of the Trinôme Académique, IHEDN Belfort


Cmdt. Constantin Dan Rotaru  Head of Countering Cybercrime, Iasi region Direction for Countering Organized Crime, Romanian National Police

Cmdt. Nicolas Greth, Directeur Adjoint, Ecole Nationale de Police, Montbéliard

Cpt. Patrick Ghion, Chef de la Brigade Forensique, Police de Genève

Col. (ret.) Alain Sévilla, Cybercrime specialist
Cybercrime et entreprises privées : retour sur des exemples réels.

Adela Albu, Senior Analyst, CYBERINT Center (Romanian Intelligence Service)
Cybercrime, the new business of the 21st Century

Davos -style discussion : Police-Private responsibilitiy- sharing and cooperation

Col. Marc-André Ryter, Swiss Army, General Staff
Artificial Intelligence:Opportunities Challenges Dangers and Threats.

Marco Essomba, Founder, iCyber-Security Group
Threats and challenges of the current digital transformation.

Samuel Rossier, Security Operations Center Manager @DFi
SOC Active Defense and Threat Intelligence.

Yannick Harrel, Cybersecurity expert
L’économie numérique entre évolution et révolution.

Ewandro Magalhaes, Vice-President, Kudo Inc
Peace Brokers, Peace Breakers. The Role of Interpreters in War and Peace

Luca Tenzi, Convergence Security Expert
Shall we reinvent the wheel or start finally a complete convergence (r)evolution?