Cybersecurity and sustainability 4.0: From Knowledge to Action to Governance.
The needed collaboration to address next generation security challenges.

This conference is advocating for a collaborative approach aiming to provide effective risk mitigation strategies in a global environment entirely inter connected. The proposed framework has been designed on 3 pillars:

1. Knowledge: 

Much like the safety culture and the physical security culture of the commercial aviation industry, all industry sectors needs a cyber security culture; responsive vulnerability disclosure to allow for effective risk management, training of staff to address the shortage of cybersecurity experts; Workforce:Through dialogue of the cyber security challenges and opportunities facing all industry sectors, we must inspire a new generation of individuals and organizations that are able to support in answering the global cyber security challenge.

2. Action: Communications and collaboration:

To better manage cyber security risk globally, stronger relationships must be built across all industry sectors as well as with regulators, law enforcement and academic research labs.  This will then foster closer collaboration on everything from developing best practices to managing potential vulnerabilities. Transparency and Trust: Between all aviation sector stakeholders, there needs to be increased transparency and therefore trust, on cyber security issues ranging from access to cyber security relevant data to secure development practices and vulnerability management.

3. Governance: Building consensus and consistency:

We need to further build cyber security consistency, standards and governance, as well as  user-centric regulations. Hence, gow to develop regulations that are adaptive, agile, inclusive and fit for purpose for the fast-changing digital age to protect individuals’ rights with the new capabilities of autonomous intelligent systems?

We look forward meeting you in March!